Using IItemDefinitions to save a lot of time when referring meta-items

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Let's say we want to remove the recipes of some specific colors of wool.
White wool has the metadata 0, all colors range from meta 1 to meta 15, so there are 16 in total.

We want to remove the wools with meta 3 to 12. What do we do?
We can't just remove all of them (in other words, use <minecraft:wool:*>), but we also don't want to write 10 times the same thing.
While in this example this would totally work, in large scale this becomes pretty annoying!

What do we know/need to know

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We use IItemDefinitions and an Integer Range and iterate through latter.
If we can't use an int range we can also use a number array, but that would require you to type in all required numbers.
You can also use this to Except some items from being used.

val itemDef = <minecraft:wool>.definition;

//does this for <minecraft:wool:3> to <minecraft:wool:12>
for i in 3 to 13{

val numArray = [3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12] as int[];

//<minecraft:wool:3> to <minecraft:wool:12>
for i in numArray{

//<minecraft:wool:3> to <minecraft:wool:12>, but without 5 and 9
for i in 3 .. 13{
    if(i != 5 & i != 9){
        itemDef.makeStack(i).addShiftTooltip("Help me!");