Boson is a library mod at its core, meaning it does not provide any new gameplay features or special mechanics, but rather acts as the backbone of some other mods, easing the burden and simplifying some repetitive or hard-to-master tasks during the writing process.

Nevertheless, Boson contains some additional features that may interest the pack maker or a more general user, like detailed tooltips that can show NBT data or ore dictionary entries. Refer to the functionality list later in this page to find which of these features are compatible with CraftTweaker.

Moreover, Boson also provides some classes that are part of the (unofficial) ZenScriptX Project, which are a set of tools that greatly expand the potential of the ZenScript language. Refer to the linked page for more information.

Before delving into the features, it is highly suggested to read the Names in Boson page, for some details in how names are handled in this mod's CraftTweaker interactions.

CraftTweaker-compatible features

Link to crafttweaker-compatible-features

The source code for the CraftTweaker integration provided by Boson is available over on GitHub.