The ZenScriptX Project

Link to the-zenscriptx-project

The ZenScriptX Project is an unofficial project that Boson started and that aims to expand the possibilities of the ZenScript language, adding elements such as lazy evaluation of loops, Reflection, and functional interfaces, so that functions can be stored into a variable.

The usage of this features requires stronger knowledge of more advanced programming paradigms, such as Functional Programming and proper Object Oriented Programming representation. While it's likely that this will prevent a lot of the demographic of ZenScript from actually making use of these functionalities, this will also lead to better quality code for people with more advanced scripting knowledge.

This project is still ongoing, but as of 1.15, it is highly likely it will be moved in its own separate ZenCode module, for ease of development and dependency.

As of now, the ZenScriptX Project is responsbile for adding the following set of functionalities: