Logic Requirement Syntax

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Now that you know what logic gates are I can describe the syntax implemented into Reskillable that allows them to be used. There will be more detailed examples in a later section.

In all the below syntaxes requirement is the string representation of any other supported requirement (including ones added by CompatSkills or other addons).

Unary requirement gates

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The simplest logic requirement that Reskillable supports is the ability to invert a requirement. It does this using a NOT gate and the syntax for it is not|requirement. As described above in the section about Logic Gates, this logic requirement will only be marked as met if the specified requirement is not met.

Binary requirement gates

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The other logic requirements are slightly more complex as they take two input requirements. As the logic gates are relatively simple the order of the requirements does not actually matter, however I will be referring to them as requirement1 and requirement2 as to differentiate which one is which.

They also share the syntax: gate|[requirement1]~[requirement2]. With the gate being either and, nand, or, nor, xor, or xnor.
Note: The brackets around requirement1 and requirement2 are needed.

The AND requirement unlike the other logic requirements is mainly useful for nested logic requirements (more on this lower down), as locking an item or other object with multiple requirements requires all of the given requirements to be met. This is the same as the AND functionality, so should be used when possible, as it will make the tooltip be formatted in an easier to read manner.

All the examples below are going to be shown using the syntax from CompatSkill's CraftTweaker support as it is easier to read. The logic requirements work just fine from the config as well.

All the example script CrT script entries below use the import statement: import mods.compatskills.Requirement.addRequirement; this is mainly to reduce the lengths of the other lines and make them more readable. (So if you are copying any of the examples you will need to include it at the top of your script file.) A couple of the examples below that directly start with mods.compatskills. are locks that are specific to CompatSkills and that I came up with decent logic requirement examples for.

Only allow attacking zombie pigmen outside of the nether: mods.compatskills.EntityDamageLock.addEntityLock(<entity:minecraft:zombie_pigman>, "not|dim|-1");

Allow entering the nether if a player has an attack or defense level of at least 15: mods.compatskills.DimensionLock.addDimensionLock(-1, "or|[reskillable:attack|15]~[reskillable:defense|15]");

Once a player gets to defense level 24 and agility level 24 stop allowing them to use leather armor:

addRequirement(<minecraft:leather_helmet:*>, "nand|[reskillable:defense|24]~[reskillable:agility|24]");
addRequirement(<minecraft:leather_chestplate:*>, "nand|[reskillable:defense|24]~[reskillable:agility|24]");
addRequirement(<minecraft:leather_leggings:*>, "nand|[reskillable:defense|24]~[reskillable:agility|24]");
addRequirement(<minecraft:leather_boots:*>, "nand|[reskillable:defense|24]~[reskillable:agility|24]");

Only allow using a wooden shovel until the player gets mining or gathering level 5: addRequirement(<minecraft:wooden_shovel:*>, "nor|[reskillable:mining|5]~[reskillable:gathering|5]");

Only allow a player to use ender pearls if they have magic 32 or if they have agility 32. Do not however let them use it if they have both skills at level 32: addRequirement(<minecraft:ender_pearl>, "xor|[reskillable:magic|32]~[reskillable:agility|32]");. This can be useful if you want to have multiple progression trees and ensure that they have to follow one if they want to keep being able to use specific items.

It was hard to come up with an example for XNOR, however this is an example of how it can work.

Only allow a player to level defense to level 5 if they have not put any points into attack yet or if they are at attack level 32: mods.compatskills.SkillLocks.addLevelLock(<skill:reskillable:defense>, 5, "xnor|[reskillable:attack|2]~[reskillable:attack|32]");

Nested Logic Requirements

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Nested logic requirements are when you are using a logic requirement as one of the requirement parameters in another logic requirement. Pay special attention to bracket placement in nested requirements.

Only allow diamond ore to be broken if the player has mining level 20 or if the player has both gathering level 25 and mining level 15: addRequirement(<minecraft:diamond_ore>, "or|[reskillable:mining|20]~[and|[reskillable:gathering|25]~[reskillable:mining|15]]"); Note: This also has the side effect of not allowing players to place diamond ore unless they meet the requirement as well.

Only allow using the elytra with agility 15 in the end or having agility and magic levels 25 while not being in the end: addRequirement(<minecraft:elytra:*>, "xor|[and|[dim|1]~[reskillable:agility|15]]~[and|[reskillable:agility|25]~[reskillable:magic|25]]"); Note: Once you reach agility and magic 25 you are unable to use the elytra in the end. This is in part just as an example and not necessarily what someone wants.

Another way that the above requirement could be written is: addRequirement(<minecraft:elytra:*>, "reskillable:agility|15", "xor|[dim|1]~[and|[reskillable:agility|25]~[reskillable:magic|25]]"); because both sides require at least agility 15.