NBT-Lock Tweaker

Link to nbt-lock-tweaker

The NBT-Locks are specific to CompatSkills 1.4.0+ and currently is the most powerful feature. You can lock specific NBT-Tags either restricted to a given mod-id or on every item in the game.

This means that any item found to contain that NBT-tag will have the lock applied to it.

// Blank Example:
mods.compatskills.NBTLock.addGenericNBTLock(IData tag, String... locked)
mods.compatskills.NBTLock.addModNBTLock(String modId, IData tag, String... locked)

//// Working Example:
// Locks Silk-Touch
addGenericNBTLock({ench:[{id: 33 as short}]}, "reskillable:magic|10");

// Locks Unbreaking (No Level-Specified)
addModNBTLock("minecraft", {ench:[{id: 34 as short}]}, "reskillable:gathering|6");

This has some powerful implications. This means for example that you as a pack-maker can lock:

  • Tinker Materials
  • Tinker Modifiers
  • Enchantments
  • Energy-Values

And much more, as long as you know the NBT-tag it uses!