The Fuel package allows you to add Smeltery fuel fluids.

You can call the Alloy package using mods.tconstruct.Fuel

Add Fuel Recipes

Link to add-fuel-recipes

//mods.tconstruct.Fuel.registerFuel(ILiquidStack fuel, int duration);
mods.tconstruct.Fuel.registerFuel(<liquid:water> * 2, 300);


  • ILiquidStack fuel → The fluid. Amount is the minimal increment that is consumed at once.
  • int duration → How many ticks the consumtpion of the fluidStack lasts.

Consider this:

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  • The ILiquidStack's amount is the minimal increment that is consumed at once (e.g. the smeltery only consumes 2 mB at once).
  • The duration is how many ticks one fluid stack lasts.
  • You cannot set the temperature the fluid is going to have in the smeltery. Use an ILiquidDefinition's ZenSetter to change the fluid's temperature beforehand!