Always reading 'chest' is annoying, isn't it?

That's why there's the possibility to rename stuff.

Changing the display name

Link to changing-the-display-name

This is probably the easiest way to achieve a different item or block name. You rename item to newName:

item.displayName = newName;

<minecraft:chest>.displayName = "Storage Box Deluxe";

item is an IItemStack.
newName is a String.

Changing the localization

Link to changing-the-localization

If some modded inventories still show the item's old name instead of the new one, you need to change the localization. You can read what that means on the game entry.


game.setLocalization("","StorageBox Deluxe")

languageCode is a string and optional. If you omit it, it will apply the localization regardless of the client's set language.
unlocaLizedName is a string.
newName is a string.