Brewing Recipe Handler

Link to brewing-recipe-handler

Access the Brewing Handler

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You can access the Brewing Handler using the brewing global keyword.

A Brewing Recipe consists of 3 Parts:

  1. An Input (What is in the 3 "Bottle Slots")
  2. One or more possible Ingredients (What can go into the upper slot where netherwart goes)
  3. The output (What the recipe returns)

Add Brewing Recipes

Link to add-brewing-recipes

//brewing.addBrew(IIngredient input, IIngredient ingredient, IItemStack output, @Optional boolean hidden);
brewing.addBrew(<ore:blockGlass>, <ore:logWood>, <minecraft:beacon>);
brewing.addBrew(<ore:ingotGold>, <minecraft:obsidian>, <minecraft:wool:3>, true);

//brewing.addBrew(IIngredient input, IIngredient[] ingredients, IItemStack output, @Optional boolean hidden);
brewing.addBrew(<minecraft:bedrock>, [<minecraft:lapis_ore>], <minecraft:sponge:1>);
brewing.addBrew(<minecraft:gold_block>, [<minecraft:iron_block>, <minecraft:lapis_block>], <minecraft:sponge:1>, true);

Remove Brewing Recipes

Link to remove-brewing-recipes

Only works with JEI version or higher.

//brewing.removeRecipe(IItemStack input, IItemStack ingredient);
brewing.removeRecipe(<minecraft:potion>.withTag({Potion: "minecraft:water"}), <minecraft:gunpowder>);