A TagIngredient is an IIngredient implementation that allows you to use a Tag in recipes. You can only access this data from outside the tags loader. For more information regarding tags and how to obtain them, refer to this page.

The class is situated in the net.thesilkminer.mc.boson.zen.tag package, making net.thesilkminer.mc.boson.zen.tag.TagIngredient its fully qualified name for importing.

Creating a New Instance

Link to creating-a-new-instance

Refer to the bracket handler documentation.

Since TagIngredient is an IIngredient, it provides access to all the properties and methods of that interface. Refer to IIngredient's documentation page for more details. This documentation page only outlines additions and quirks that are particular of this class.

A TagIngredient provides read-only access to an additional set of properties, as outlined in the following table:

Property NameTypeDescription
Property Name
Name that uniquely identifies the tag this ingredient refers to
val anyIngot = <tag-items:forge:ingots>;
val anyWool = <tag-items:minecraft:wool>;

recipes.addShaped("wool_infused_ingot", <contenttweaker:wool_infused_ingot>, [[anyIngot, anyWool], [anyWool, anyIngot]]);