This page relates to PneumaticCraft: Repressurized, which has built-in support!

Requires PneumaticCraft: Repressurized v2.12.6 or newer.

Pressure Chamber

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The Pressure Chamber is a type of IRecipeManager and implements all the methods that are available to IRecipeManager's, such as removeRecipe() and removeAll().

Pressure Chamber recipes require a list of input item ingredients, a list of output items, and a minimum pressure. If the supplied pressure is negative, the chamber's pressure must be below that pressure, i.e. it is the absolute value of the pressure that is considered.

The following script adds a recipe to convert a Diamond and 4 Slime Balls into an Emerald, requiring 4.0 bar of pressure:

// <recipetype:pneumaticcraft:pressure_chamber>.addRecipe(name as string, input as IIngredientWithAmount[], outputs as IItemStack, pressure as float)
<recipetype:pneumaticcraft:pressure_chamber>.addRecipe("diamond_to_emerald", [<tag:forge:gems/diamond>, <tag:items:forge:slimeballs> * 4], [<item:minecraft:emerald>], 4.0);

The following script will remove all Pressure Chamber recipes: